Fusion Scientific Contracting Co.W.L.L. – Kuwait

Fusion Scientific Contracting Co.W.L.L. – Kuwait

Embracing your presence to the Fusion Group and Companies, Fusion Shipping welcomes you to its orchestration of myriad solutions in logistics. To what has now become a medium sized conglomerate in logistics, had its debut in the year 2010 as a small time transportation solution provider. Today our wide range of operations encapsulates Exhibition Logistics, International removals and relocations, project forwarding, LCL consolidation, warehousing, defense logistics and also General Freight forwarding. Amalgamating the three primordial elements of success-Innovation, commitment and customer-friendliness, the fusion group takes immense pride with its substantial client base and a team of multifarious skilled employees devoted to the brand.

Our products can be enlisted as:

• Laboratory case-work: Promising matchless durability, FSCC ensures irreproachable quality standards of custom design-laboratory furniture based on distinct requirements. This can include wood case work and painted or stainless steel case work.

• Painted Steelcase work: Deliveringunparalleled strength of withstanding chemicals and scratches, our painted steel laboratory casework accompanies with pristine power coating of thermosetting laboratory grade promising adhesion, hardness and qualitative finish. The multifarious designs include Inset design, overlay design and even wood designs.

• Stainless steel casework: This accentuates the highest qualityfume hoods, laboratory furniture, countertops as well as fume hoods in stainless steel of Grade 304 and Grade 316.

• Fume Hoods: With impeccable design, our fume hoods installation and supply solutions define safety for a working environment. To adhere with safety rules, our Fume-hoods comply with protocols like ASHRAE 110, UL, EN protocols etc.

• Work Tops: Assuring the convenience of easy maintenance with a non-glare and a smooth surface, our work top solutions provide effective resistance against moisture, chemical, abrasion as well as stains.

• Sinks and accessories: With customizable solutions, the stainless steel sinks of FSCC ensure comprehensive solutions of pegboard, epoxy sinks, eye-wash, emergency shower, water faucets as well as special products which are mostly designed for environments of laboratory.

• Laboratory equipment: FSCC brings to store a diversity of solutions like biological safety cabinet, fume hood, glassware washer, forensic enclosure, ice maker machine, centrifuge, sterilizers and oven.

With more to offer, FSCC believes in the power of innovation in designs of its scientific and laboratory equipment. We believe in driving the power of working in a dynamic environment with primary concerns like safety and a prime look.