Fusun Infrastructure Pvt.Ltd. India

Fusun Infrastructure Pvt.Ltd. India

A visionary and powerful driver, Fusun Infrastructure Pvt Ltd takes a holistic approach in land and marine construction solutions. As the subsidiary wing of Fusion Group of companies, Fusun’s multidisciplinary solutions range from Dredging, breakwater projects, removing and breaking laterite, underwater and marine construction, excavation and lastly earth moving.

Dredging: Fusun enables extensive operations in underground excavation and dredging management. These services are inclined towards the promotion of beach nourishment, international maritime trade, inland dredging, Reclamation and most importantly for environment protection.

With more services in LCL Consolidation, ISO and Flexi Tank operations, Chartering, Exhibition handling and chartering, Fusion Special Shipping services stands as a trailblazing service provider. Drawing on significant industry relevant knowledge, our team’s adeptness mirrors our impeccable performance levels and our pride to showcase a sizeable base of happy clients for a better business growth.

Breakwater projects: Fusun offers all-inclusive solutions in break water construction keeping in mind the navigation and safety of the vessels and their maneuvering capabilities.

Breaking and removing hard laterite: Fusun enables maintenance depth in harbors, existing ports as well as channels to ensure ready as well as safety in voyage for different kinds of vessels. Sea Bridge: Fusun encompasses a diversity of bridge construction solutions that varies from truss, arch, cantilever to suspension as well as beam.

Underwater and marine construction: Fusion’s all-embracing solutions also includes underwater and marine construction using specialized construction, engineering well as management of assets.

Earth moving: Driving large scale earth moving projects, Fusun deals in shore protection, scale earth moving, Mining, Rock Excavation, aggregate crushing as well as ground improvement operations.

Excavation: With inherent skills in Excavation, Fusun ensures improvement solutions of roads, structures, buildings, lakes, parking lots and more.

With the above solutions, Fusun takes the pride of driving innovation with the power of cost advantage, legendary customer services and an unrivalled team with top notch skills. Big or Small, our team delves into a miscellany of projects and executes them with an outstanding and uncompromising quality standards to value customer bonding and their loyalty with Fusion Group of Companies.