Construction Drawings and 3D visuals

Importance of Construction drawing and 3D visual

We at Fusion Group know that the main purpose of construction drawings is to show what is to be built, and thus we pay special attention on the installation techniques, materials, and quality standards. We always put basic construction information in the drawings and use the specs to elaborate on techniques, materials, and standards to be met. We also set our drawings with written notes that cover a many of the issues commonly contained in the specs.

We are a company with several years of experience and we have a strong client base of Architectural firms availing detailed drawings, Working Drawings, etc. We work on Commercial, Residential and Industrial buildings. Our project portfolio boasts of Health care, Hospitality projects and hospital drawings, Commercial and Residential buildings, Universities and Schools etc. We have worked with some top construction companies across the country. Our Architects have wide-ranging knowledge of various construction standards and International Building Codes which enables them to provide you with standardized output and high precision. We always ensure that the Construction drawing and 3D visual is presented in a standardized format so that it is easy for an Architect and on-site contractor to interpret and is extremely important.

We also provide 3D presentation drawings from conceptual design which helps in presenting a building design in a visual manner. We develop 3D colored elevations and plans, Site landscaping, Sections, etc. We consistently deliver high precision output in a time bound manner. Due to our track record we have been successful in retaining our clients with continuing repeat business from them. Our Architects guarantee that they follow building design and aesthetics and codes according to the demography that they are working for.

Our team of professionals at Fusion Group has in-depth knowledge of CAD discipline and we take pride in serving our clients of builders and architects around the globe with an array of architectural 3D rendering services. Our 3D visual allows individual to see the impact on the overall design even when minor or major changes are made. Thus, our clients by seeing the 3D visual can easily finalize the design without much cost and post-construction cost incurring corrections or changes.

We understand that the experience of going through a 3D model is more convincing and pleasing to a prospect than viewing a 2D drawing. The stunning imagery remains in the mind of people for a longer time span and thus the chance of winning the customer increases. In addition the project approval rate in construction business is faster when a 3D model is used.